Trump Derangement Syndrome Spreads in Canada

One of the (few) things I like about Donald Trump is the great intensity with which some statist blowhards despise him. Such passion! Call it the Mayor Ford effect (God Bless Robbie) or TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome:
This concluding paragraph is truly a tour de force, in that it is as eloquent as it is almost 100% evidence-free:
“There is no question that by the end of Obama’s second term, the relative power balance between Washington and Moscow, Brussels, and Beijing had shifted. The United States was still the most influential nation in the world, but it was not as dominant as it had once been. Under President Trump, in only six short months, that dominance has all but collapsed. Even mid-sized countries like France and Canada are running circles around Washington. And when the most important countries in the world gathered in Hamburg, no one really cared if Washington was going to play ball or not. The world has already moved on. In fact, it is quite likely that the summit participants would have been willing to expend more diplomatic capital to ensure Italy was on board than they would’ve have spent on the U.S. Why? Because from Putin to Merkel everyone knows the President of the United States either doesn’t know what he is talking about, can’t deliver on what he promises, or is quite likely lying anyway. And that is indeed a noteworthy and historical milestone in world history.”
Collapsed dominance? Macron and Trudeau are “running circles”? What circles? Nobody cares? Doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Can’t deliver on his promises? Quite likely lying?…  and not an argument to be seen, not from here to the horizon. Not a fact to be offered, not a single ounce of logical debate. Just abuse. I’ve seen shitposters on YouTube engage in more effective journalism than what is seen in this paragraph. And that isn’t to say a reasoned critique of Trump isn’t possible! On the contrary, there is plenty to criticize. It’s just, we live in an age where logical argumentation is now considered optional. As such, Maclean’s has become the embarrassment of the coffee tables of the waiting rooms of the dentists’ offices across Canada.

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