Religion of Peace update 2

Shared by the fabulous George Takei to his 10m strong Facebook following (a lovable and intelligent liberal that I can respect, and yet, who really mystifies me sometimes):
Seventh graders in California have to learn the 5 Pillars of Islam, and one of America’s most beloved actors who happens to be homosexual rejoices?
The article describes a parent’s reaction to a text book lesson on Islam in her child’s class, which includes an audio clip of the call to prayer, and a picture showing how a child can physically submit to Allah five times a day.
The author of the article writes:
“The photo (with angry note from parent) did go viral before being deleted, but not in the way she was hoping. Support for lessons that educate children on various religions quickly became the top-rated comments, and it became clear that her voice was in the minority.”
Here we see how, in a post-modernist majoritarian dystopia, the alleged popularity of a notion is more important than a notion’s truth.
And here are the “arguments” prized by the author for their leftist eloquence:
“Let me first say, I’m a Christian, but I feel like you’re taking this a little far. This is apart (sic) of World History. It’s not to force religion upon your child… Remember that the teaching method is standardized. So that’s a California thing. So good luck trying to find a different school that’s NOT going to teach that textbook in this state.””
So, this commenter’s argument is : 1) “feelings”, 2) Islam is a historical thing, so it must be promoted and whitewashed, 3) Nobody is forcing this on your child, and 4) the State of California is definitely forcing this on your child.
And the intellectual brilliance continues:
“The only thing I see here is how closed minded you are. I’m not very religious but last time I checked, Christianity promoted forgiveness, understanding, treating others with respect, and do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.”


So, this commenter’s erudite argument is: 1) you’re a bad, bad person.

Then, the author gushingly concludes:

“The outpouring for support for education that expands beyond traditional ideals proves that people are supportive of cultures that are unlike their own, and while extremists do get publicity that tarnishes their religion, it’s important to understand various cultures and religion to be a well-rounded person in modern day society.”
In other words, schools need to teach non-traditional ideals/values, which includes supporting the culture of Sharia, where the most pious adherents would be liable to expose our pal Mr. Sulu to great harm, if and when he were found to be guilty of the crime of homosexuality in an Islamic State.
But since George is super wealthy and probably lives in Malibu at a luxurious beach house, then I guess it’s a non-issue.
Wealthy liberals hypocritically soothe their guilty consciences with their leftism, working class leftists get off on the contact high of “The Ideology of Feelings” ™, and Islamists can’t believe their good fortune to have such naive allies, some of whom who seem rather well-intentioned.

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